Thursday, March 18, 2010


soo ever since i went on a fake safari in disneyworldd, i been wantin to go to africaa! lol idkk whyy. actually yeahh i do. i wanna go on a REAL safari. i wanna see zebras, and cheetahhs chasin us & stuff. i thinkk it'll be fun and scaryy at the same timee. haha. but uhhh. . before i die, i will most likely be visiting there. i also wanna go to France(: k thats it. byee.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

yellow is the new ishhh :)


it all started when i got my ring almost two years ago. at the time i was sure i was going to wait before marriage. i knew that would be a while from now, but i didn't mind. well all of that has changed now. i didnt realize how much temptation and pressure was out there! & believe me i am almost to the point of breaking my promise. im feeninnn and thinkin about things. . lol its crazy. right now, i kind of dont care about losing it. i know when i get older i'm going to regret it, so thats one reason why i DO need to care. but ughhh idkk. how do youu feel about thiss ?