Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nicki Minaj

well i'm not really a big fann of her. okk i DO likee her musicc & her mixtape: Beam Me Up Scotty is my shitttt. .but i thinkk i would like her moree if people weren't so obsessive over her! we got lil gurls tryna change they last name to Minaj, & sayyin they a "bad bitchh", & callin themselves "Barbie". btw: NONE of yall even look halfwayy like a Barbie doll. the only thingg "Barbie" about youu is that youu fake! i just thinkk its getting out of control! smh*

but anywhooo, i think Nicki looks very pretty in this picturee. It shows a different side of her(:

Friday, February 19, 2010

waka flocka flocka waka?

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who is this guyy? & who came up wit his namee? haha. i'm probably latee but i never heard of him till i saw his video on 106 and parkk. everybody is goinn crazy over his song: "O Lets Do It". i didnt like it at firstt, but dis shitt is growin on mee(: yeaaaaaauhhhh! oh lets do ittt!(: if i had dreads i'd be swinginn em withh dis nigga! haha but anywayss . . .checkk out the video:

Sunday, February 7, 2010


it seems like justt when i thinkk things are coming into place . . .they decide to fall again. oncee i thinkk im in a good place, somethingg badd happens whichh makes me believe i didn't belong there in the first placee. NOTHING & i mean NOTHING is going right for me latelyy. i find myself saying "FML" a lot. & its not because im depressed or emo or anything crazyy. that phrase has just become a response for everything bad that continues to happen to mee. i know things will get better. the questionn is: WHEN!!??