Sunday, November 22, 2009


just a thought. . .
but why are people so obsessed with Twilight?
why are they making it such a big deal?
i saw the first one ... & i fell asleep bc it was boring. lol booo !
i know soo many people that wentt to go see the premiere on thursday at
midnight. even my geometry teacher! woww.
lol is it really that crucial??

Friday, November 13, 2009

Trey Songz- Invented Sex [Video]

i loved da songg before it came out.
but da video just make me love it even moree. this is so sexxyy ! (;

somethin like a fetishh. (:

okay so this is kinda random, but i lovee so many thingss.
likee: lemonheads. music. jewelry. shoes. bows&ribbons. & purplee, etc.
everyone knows i have a HUGE fetish for purple. dont askk whyy? idkk.
i even have a sectionn in ma closet for all my purplee shitt. hahaa.
but anyways, as you can tell its pretty much ma favorite color.
im so in love withh it that i wantt purplee hair.
well ... highlightss. lol. [just in the frontt. / not all overr (:]
iknow..iknoww . sounds kinda crazy & ghetto. but idc. not everyone cann look good with it,
but i know i can rockk it. (;

[kinda somethin like thiss...but not all over like i saidd.!]
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

im good(:

well uhhh, i havent blogged in a LONG ass time !
life has been so good.! it seems like everything is finally falling into place.(:
schools been pretty good. ma shitty weeknights payed off bc i got my grades uhpp!
i also thinkk i might try out this love thingg again. i've been kinda cautiouss a/b this boy but i thinkk i might give him a tryy. [shoutout to my cholo friend who gave me the idea!] (; i meann what do i have to lose..right.??

ohh and,
Beyonce is releasing "I Am...Yours" concert performance dvd NOVEMBER 23RDD !

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hell yahh im buyin thattt! you can catchh me at Walmart thatt morningg! lmao. when her previous one came out i didnt even know about itt until my bestfriendd broughtt it to my house lol.! woww. but
you have no idea how muchh i love herr! all my friends thinkk im crazy but i really dont give a fuckk! lol(: