Thursday, June 3, 2010


♥ Shamirrrr!
I ♥ my best friendd Shamir Jasmine Mariee :) I'm so glad I had the chance to know her because she is absolutely the most caring, funniest, understanding, not to mention stylish girl I know. I'm gunna miss her SO muchh when she moves to Ohio on Monday. I honestly don't know what I'm gunna do without her cz I don't fuckk wit nobody else like thatt. lol. I guess I'll just be anti-social. Nahh jkk lol I'm too friendly for that. But no one can replace her. She is the definition of a true best friend. We tell each other everythingg!; even when we get on each other's nerves. Ugh i know this isn't the end because we swore that we were gunna go to college together. Hah and if that doesn't happen we will definitely be sharing a condo in New York. We've known each other sincee 7th grade when I was a white girl and she was the ghetto girl with the side ponytail. Those were the days when she didn't know that fish pooped lmao. In 8th grade, I used to hate it when she gave me points for everytime I said/did something stupid. Like she was my mama or somethin? Aha she so crazy. Omg she was the one who took me to my first "black" party lol cz I was such a Hollister/A&F girl she wanted me to break out and booty shakee. That night I learned how to dance on a guy. Lmao it sounds so stupid now. Aah there's soo much I can say about her and the funny ass times we hadd but now my hand hurts. Lol sooo long story short, I love this girl and we plan on being best friends f o r e v e r ( like 21 ) :D lame!