Wednesday, December 30, 2009



Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The OMG Girlz;

Awwh they cute !
Lil Wayne's daughter (Reginae) & T.I.'s fiancee, Tiny,'s daugher (Zonnique)
in they own lil group called the The OMG Girlz.
Their song isnt that badd !
"Aint Nobody"
Here's a preview:

just not feelin it;

Mann, is it just me or does it not feel like christmas?
idkk, but this year im not in the christmas spirit.
like . . .i usually get SUPER excitedd, a/b
presentss & food (lol) &
jus beinn w/ my familyy.
but now ; my attitude is just like BLAHH ; w/e.
idkk whats my problemm ? but ineed to get it together.
this is my most favorite time of yearr, &
im not even that excitedd.
omgg , its not even coldd here :(
iknow its Houston; but still ;
its usually like freezingg; or REALLY cold.
butt yesterday icheckedd & it was likee 72 degrees.
wtff??? its not supposed to feel like summer ! :(
how are we gunna get snow one day;
& then it gets extraa hott. .the next week?
dis weather is CRAZY.
ughh, maybe im not feelin it b/c
i got my presents earlyy. . .
my dad boughtt me all the shoes iwantedd.
& my mom gave me my new phonee;
& thosee were pretty much the only things i asked for. . .
(well there was other stuff, but those were what i REALLY wanted.)
so i'm good at this pointt.
it seems like every year, my christmas
list gets smaller & smaller.
i guess thats a partt of growing uhpp & not
beingg a lil kid anymore !?
dangg, when i was younger, my listt was like 2 pages
longg haha :D
i was so greedy !
im startingg to give out moree gifts, then
askk for them.
thats a good thing, right ?
lol, but what im really looking forward to is
my bdayy.--O1.O2.2O1O babayy(:

Sunday, December 20, 2009

1st Blackk Disney Princess !

All ican say is . . . it's about time!!
Disney has its officiall first blackk princess in
"The Princess and the Frog" !
It's actually good, iwas suprisedd lol.
iusually don't go to the movies to see a cartoon,
but icouldn't resist
when my friendd mishaa told me
she was gonna take her lil cousin to see itt;
awwh , & you could tell they was in new orleans
cz they kept talkinn about gumbo [yum!]
& bignets [whichh inever heard of].
haha, but yeahh you should checkk it outt.!
*justt go w/ a kidd so you wont feel dumbb [;

Sunday, December 6, 2009

let's call it off ;;

"leave me, leave me. i cant fuckin stand you
my boyfriend, my boyfriend call himself my boyfriend
tell me that we sposed to be together till the world end
but i don't really feel that
i just really wanna turn the wheels back
give you all your sweaters and ya kicks back
you look for reasons for us to argue
i swear everytime i call
you just tell me how i dont call you
why you do that.. ?"
- draKe

Friday, December 4, 2009


This girl came a LONG way !
from "S.O.S." to "Umbrella" to
gettin beat up to just
havin that idgaf attitude.
*don't forget the numerous hairstyles
she's hadd !*
looks like Chris didn't keep her down for longg..
gon' headd Rihanna !

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


FML ! im kinda in a shitty mood "/
i wish. . .
iwish i could talk to him more.
iwish he would hurry up and ask me outt.
iwish he would tell the truthh.
iwish the gurl next to me wasnt so heavy & off beat.
iwish the gurl iwas forced to sit next to in chemistry knew the answers.
iwish my phone wasn't so fuckin screwed.
iwish my bestfriend wasn't such a rebel.
iwish she didn't go to canada.
iwish my other bestfriend came back.
iwish some people would leave me alone.
iwish i didnt cut my hair.
iwish i never stopped talking to him.
iwish he didnt change.
iwish it was xmas already.
iwish i didnt feel like shit right now.
iwish i could sleep in everyday.
iwish i met someone famous.
iwish love wasn't so complicated.
iwish i could sing(:
blahh blahh i wish i wishh . .
there's no use.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


just a thought. . .
but why are people so obsessed with Twilight?
why are they making it such a big deal?
i saw the first one ... & i fell asleep bc it was boring. lol booo !
i know soo many people that wentt to go see the premiere on thursday at
midnight. even my geometry teacher! woww.
lol is it really that crucial??

Friday, November 13, 2009

Trey Songz- Invented Sex [Video]

i loved da songg before it came out.
but da video just make me love it even moree. this is so sexxyy ! (;

somethin like a fetishh. (:

okay so this is kinda random, but i lovee so many thingss.
likee: lemonheads. music. jewelry. shoes. bows&ribbons. & purplee, etc.
everyone knows i have a HUGE fetish for purple. dont askk whyy? idkk.
i even have a sectionn in ma closet for all my purplee shitt. hahaa.
but anyways, as you can tell its pretty much ma favorite color.
im so in love withh it that i wantt purplee hair.
well ... highlightss. lol. [just in the frontt. / not all overr (:]
iknow..iknoww . sounds kinda crazy & ghetto. but idc. not everyone cann look good with it,
but i know i can rockk it. (;

[kinda somethin like thiss...but not all over like i saidd.!]
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

im good(:

well uhhh, i havent blogged in a LONG ass time !
life has been so good.! it seems like everything is finally falling into place.(:
schools been pretty good. ma shitty weeknights payed off bc i got my grades uhpp!
i also thinkk i might try out this love thingg again. i've been kinda cautiouss a/b this boy but i thinkk i might give him a tryy. [shoutout to my cholo friend who gave me the idea!] (; i meann what do i have to lose..right.??

ohh and,
Beyonce is releasing "I Am...Yours" concert performance dvd NOVEMBER 23RDD !

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hell yahh im buyin thattt! you can catchh me at Walmart thatt morningg! lmao. when her previous one came out i didnt even know about itt until my bestfriendd broughtt it to my house lol.! woww. but
you have no idea how muchh i love herr! all my friends thinkk im crazy but i really dont give a fuckk! lol(:


Saturday, October 17, 2009

one deep.?

Currently playing: Heart of a Lion- Kid Cudi.

the song really has nothin to do withh whatt im about to say , butt i like cudi so its all good. anyways, wtff is up with gurls bein fake these days? what ever happened to being a "friend"!? someone who keeps a secret & doesn't talk shit about youu to someone else. i never understood it when people would say one deep until now. i guess you really can't rely on anyone else, but yourself these days. there is only one exception, and that is my bestfriend. she's there for me no matter what and i know i can always trust her with absolutely anything. most gurls call themselves bein the realist which is actually pretty funny to me because they are the ones that you are told to stay away from. ha.. wow.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

random thoughtt for todayy.

why is it that once you thinkk you know someonee, you really dontt. they end up being the complete opposite. why don't things ever stay the same? sometimes change isn't a good thing--well when it comes to relationships..
but i guess everything happens for a reason..

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Lady Gaga=WEIRD.

I meann her music, is aightt.
but she needa do somethin bout the way she look in publicc lol.
wtf! especially in dat first pic! :P
wow really?!