Wednesday, December 30, 2009



Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The OMG Girlz;

Awwh they cute !
Lil Wayne's daughter (Reginae) & T.I.'s fiancee, Tiny,'s daugher (Zonnique)
in they own lil group called the The OMG Girlz.
Their song isnt that badd !
"Aint Nobody"
Here's a preview:

just not feelin it;

Mann, is it just me or does it not feel like christmas?
idkk, but this year im not in the christmas spirit.
like . . .i usually get SUPER excitedd, a/b
presentss & food (lol) &
jus beinn w/ my familyy.
but now ; my attitude is just like BLAHH ; w/e.
idkk whats my problemm ? but ineed to get it together.
this is my most favorite time of yearr, &
im not even that excitedd.
omgg , its not even coldd here :(
iknow its Houston; but still ;
its usually like freezingg; or REALLY cold.
butt yesterday icheckedd & it was likee 72 degrees.
wtff??? its not supposed to feel like summer ! :(
how are we gunna get snow one day;
& then it gets extraa hott. .the next week?
dis weather is CRAZY.
ughh, maybe im not feelin it b/c
i got my presents earlyy. . .
my dad boughtt me all the shoes iwantedd.
& my mom gave me my new phonee;
& thosee were pretty much the only things i asked for. . .
(well there was other stuff, but those were what i REALLY wanted.)
so i'm good at this pointt.
it seems like every year, my christmas
list gets smaller & smaller.
i guess thats a partt of growing uhpp & not
beingg a lil kid anymore !?
dangg, when i was younger, my listt was like 2 pages
longg haha :D
i was so greedy !
im startingg to give out moree gifts, then
askk for them.
thats a good thing, right ?
lol, but what im really looking forward to is
my bdayy.--O1.O2.2O1O babayy(:

Sunday, December 20, 2009

1st Blackk Disney Princess !

All ican say is . . . it's about time!!
Disney has its officiall first blackk princess in
"The Princess and the Frog" !
It's actually good, iwas suprisedd lol.
iusually don't go to the movies to see a cartoon,
but icouldn't resist
when my friendd mishaa told me
she was gonna take her lil cousin to see itt;
awwh , & you could tell they was in new orleans
cz they kept talkinn about gumbo [yum!]
& bignets [whichh inever heard of].
haha, but yeahh you should checkk it outt.!
*justt go w/ a kidd so you wont feel dumbb [;

Sunday, December 6, 2009

let's call it off ;;

"leave me, leave me. i cant fuckin stand you
my boyfriend, my boyfriend call himself my boyfriend
tell me that we sposed to be together till the world end
but i don't really feel that
i just really wanna turn the wheels back
give you all your sweaters and ya kicks back
you look for reasons for us to argue
i swear everytime i call
you just tell me how i dont call you
why you do that.. ?"
- draKe

Friday, December 4, 2009


This girl came a LONG way !
from "S.O.S." to "Umbrella" to
gettin beat up to just
havin that idgaf attitude.
*don't forget the numerous hairstyles
she's hadd !*
looks like Chris didn't keep her down for longg..
gon' headd Rihanna !

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


FML ! im kinda in a shitty mood "/
i wish. . .
iwish i could talk to him more.
iwish he would hurry up and ask me outt.
iwish he would tell the truthh.
iwish the gurl next to me wasnt so heavy & off beat.
iwish the gurl iwas forced to sit next to in chemistry knew the answers.
iwish my phone wasn't so fuckin screwed.
iwish my bestfriend wasn't such a rebel.
iwish she didn't go to canada.
iwish my other bestfriend came back.
iwish some people would leave me alone.
iwish i didnt cut my hair.
iwish i never stopped talking to him.
iwish he didnt change.
iwish it was xmas already.
iwish i didnt feel like shit right now.
iwish i could sleep in everyday.
iwish i met someone famous.
iwish love wasn't so complicated.
iwish i could sing(:
blahh blahh i wish i wishh . .
there's no use.