Tuesday, April 27, 2010


damnnn, i havent been on here in FOREVER!
whats happeninnnnnnn ? lol i been so busyy lately i havent hadd time to blogg.
sorry =/ but thanks for following mee still!
life's good. well kindaa.
finally got a mann lol. but im still not satisfied for some reason.
he told me he loved me; but i dont believe him bc we've only known eachh other
for a shortt amount of timee. .wtf.
butt whatever i guess.
i dont really careee. anyways, i was so fckin pissed/sadd the other dayy.
my bestie is movin to Ohio and idk wtf ima do without her.
i've known her since likee 7th gradee and she's stuckk by me ever sincee. i dont even muchh fck with these other girls so i guess its gon be "me, myself, and i" =/
ughhhhh . fml. but other than thatttttt . . .
ima tryy to keep this blogg updatedd as muchh as possiblee :) byee bitches!


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