Saturday, May 15, 2010


today i did absolutely nothing .
& usually i would be complaining about how there's nothing to do
but today i didnt mind doing anything productive (:
it was rainin like almost hallf the dayy which made me wanna sleep of course.
and stupidd malik kept calling mee tryna wake me up.
urgg . .thats one of my pet peeves!
but w/e. thats why i keep my phone on silentt.
DO NOT BOTHER ME WHEN IM SLEEPING. anyways, i had a lot of time to think
about my lifee today. & i realized that i dont like half the people i hang out
with. dont worry, that'll be changed asap.
i've alreadyy deleted numbers from my phonee. since i dont need em, there's no need
in using up MY spacee. =/
"unthinkable" by alicia keys has been on repeat all day on my itunes. & i know im WAYY late on listenin to wiz khalifa, but i actually didnt like him. i know SO many people would disagree but idgaf.
now im off to go watchh mean girls for the x5772493 time and eat ice cream. bye.


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